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10th-Apr-2012 07:43 pm - Tragedy!
Sad news, people! My laptop literally crashed...into the floor. I've lost all my fics I was working on. There was over 100 stories I had started and even though some I had barely begun to write, I'm still devastated to have lost so much work :(
25th-Sep-2011 09:06 pm - High School Reunion Verse Chp 2
Title: High School Reunion Verse
Author: Kida
Pairing: Sam/Dean (not established)
Rating: PG 13 atm, but could (and probably will) steam up to about a NC-17
Warning: don't think there are any.
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean are the fictional products of Eric Kripke. I (sadly) do not own them
Feedback: Always!

Summary: Dean convinces Sam to go to his 10 Year High School Reunion. But revisiting the school means revisiting a past that Sam was not so honest about with Dean. Like, for example everyone assumed Dean was Sam's boyfriend. And Sam, due to unbrotherly desires, not correcting them.

Chapter 2Collapse )
25th-Sep-2011 08:57 pm - Sam's High School Reunion
High School Reunion Verse

Chapter 1Collapse )

Author: Kida
Pairing: Sam/Dean (not established)
Rating: PG 13 atm, but could (and probably will) steam up to about a NC-17
Warning: don't think there are any.
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean are the fictional products of Eric Kripke. I (sadly) do not own them
Feedback: Always!

Summary: Dean convinces Sam to go to his 10 Year High School Reunion. But revisiting the school means revisiting a past that Sam was not so honest about with Dean. Like, for example everyone assumed Dean was Sam's boyfriend. And Sam, due to unbrotherly desires, not correcting them.
25th-Sep-2011 12:09 pm - Frankenstein
Read more...Collapse )
Title: Frankenstein AU Verse
Author: Kida
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU
Warning: Character tempoary death?
Disclaimer: Don’t own em, not making a dime.  
Feedback: is welcome in any size shape or form! 
Samuel Winchester flees to University after having his heart crushed by his brother’s rejection. Sam is currently studying chemistry- how electric charges can re-animate a frog for a split second- when Dean sends word for him, asking him to come back home.  When Sam overcomes his own stubborn pride enough to return home to his brother’s aid, he finds he is too late. Wracked with despair, Sam uses his research and experiments to bring Dean back to life, only to discover that his brother is just like a new born. Incapable of remembering anything from his past life, Dean is all but dependant on his so-called Saviour. Sam uses Dean’s vulnerability to his advantage to get what he has always wanted. But what will Sam do when Dean’s memory unexpectedly starts coming back? 

25th-Sep-2011 10:03 am - I'm Back :D
I've got no idea which fic to post first!

So, i was in a bad place for a while, 2 years back. As a result my fics got progressively darker. I hope you all like my 'new' stuff. I still try get those fluffy moments in there coz i pretty much live for it lol but thought I'd pre warn everyone.

Ok, so like i said- I'm pretty much lost as to what to post first. I very rarely start at the beginning of a fic when im writing so i decided I'm just going to post the fics i currently have a start to. I'm going to basically going to let you guys help me decide. So please comment if you want to see more of a certain fic and let me know what i should be working on.

ALso, I haven't used or posted LJ for so long plz be gentle if i do stuff wrong. By all means tell me, but I'm very rusty!

Love all my fellow LJers
15th-Jun-2011 07:35 am - I'm Back!...sorta

Holy hell! I cannot believe I haven't posted in about 4 years! That is INSANE! I've been working on fics and have so many in the making I'm shocked it's been so long since I put something up.

Im currently on break from Uni so hopefully you will all see a bit more of me!

Missed you all!
Kida xoxo

29th-Sep-2008 03:54 pm - "I Will Take Care of You" 13

This chapter I am writing and dedicating to the awesome atsugari8 whose awesome feedback made me wanting put my huge assignment on hold to write this for her!


Chapter 13Collapse )
31st-Aug-2008 09:36 pm - "I Will Take Care of You" 12
Chapter 12Collapse )
Dean was in danger of falling unconscious and bleeding out. His body felt so heavy. He couldn’t succumb to the urge to rest though. Dean managed to drag himself over to the corpse. Eat, replenish, get strong, save Sammy. He hated leaving Sam in the were-wolves’ possession a second longer then he had to, but he was no good helping Sammy in his weakened state, so he made sure to devour every last piece of meat off the dead body.
Dean tore through the cabin like a tornado picking up a large blanket to cover Sam with incase they hit dawn, the silver knife he had kept under his pillow. Why the hell had he chosen a frigg’n SILVER knife to slice his skin with before? When he knew for a fact it was the only thing to kill a were wolf, he should of known it would weaken him. He had placed it underneath his pillow with another were wolf in mind. What else? God have to get to Sammy. Hell knows what that asshole would do to his little brother.
He decided he’d be able to track Sam faster in wolf form. He sniffed the air and strained his ears to pick up anything ‘Sam’. He picked up a faint scent and began following it. Dean wasn’t a Christian man, and didn’t prey, but right now, he was begging God that he’d get to Sammy in time.
Searing pain running through every nerve in his body, Sam woke to find himself bound to something. His skin was burning as if it was on fire; the light around him was blinding and stinging his eyes. Sunlight, Sam was tied down in the sunlight. Realization hit him; he was burning alive. “DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN!!!!”
Dean raced toward the sound of his brother’s screams. He found Sam tied to a tree in a clearing, in full view of the sunlight, “SAMMY!” Dean threw the blanket over Sam, making sure no skin was left uncovered, “Oh baby,” he clenched his teeth in rage, “what did that bastard do to you?” he tried to wind his arms around his burnt brother but jumped back immediately as Sam hissed and flinched in pain from the contact. Dean took a moment to get himself back under control. He was going to kill that monster. Slow and long and painfully.
He lifted the blanket enough to get underneath it with Sam, his nocturnal vision setting in, “You killed the vampire?” Sam screeched, breaking through Dean’s thoughts “You KILLED the vampire and didn’t even bother to tell me?!” Dean didn’t say anything, “And you never thought her big hairy boyfriend would come looking for her?”
“Yeah well…I had other things to think about at the time, ok?” Dean murmured, checking Sam for any other injuries, “Speaking of the ass hole, where is he?”
“No idea,” Sam swallowed a pain-filled yelp as Dean touched a particularly blistered spot on his upper arm that had copped the full brunt of sunshine, “he was gone when I came too.” Sam replied, groaning a little from the throb in his head.  
“Alright, let’s get you out of here.” Dean took out the silver knife and began cutting through the rope that binded Sam to the tree.
“I don’t think I can move, Dean” Sam admitted, cringing as his brother tried to carefully remove the ropes that had melted into his burnt flesh.
“You don’t need to” Dean replied quickly, “But I need to get you out of here.
 He needed to find shelter and blood for Sam. He feared letting his brother drink his own blood again incase he needed his strength. Carefully, he backed out from underneath the blanket. After using the rope to secure Sam within the blanket, Dean transformed. Gently taking a hold of the blanket in his mouth, he began racing through the woods to find shelter. Dean was fortunate enough to come across a few squirrels and hares on the way which he was able in fatally wounding but not killing. He carefully pushed them into Sam’s holding space and heard his brother devour them. They’d do as a temporary fix for now, but Dean would have to find human blood for Sam soon.
He finally came to a small cave and after wrestling the bear inside, which would make for a quick supper, he undid the blanket around Sam who was still contently draining a squirrel, “How ya doing, baby bro?”
“I’m sore all over,” Sam replied honestly, looking up at Dean with big pleading eyes. His skin felt red raw and was crimson with large swells and blisters on places where the sunlight had been more harsh.
“The blood will help you heal.” Dean promised, swallowing helplessly. How could he let his guard down? How could he have let this happen to his Sammy? How could he leave Sam in this state to find another victim?
He wondered how long the rodents would tie Sam over for. He decided the best course of action would be to wait until night fall and take Sam with him on the hunt. That way he could keep an eye on his brother, as well as find him food. He looked Sam over, the small feed had already began helping, Sam’s skin was fading from a harsh crimson to a blushing pink shade.
“I’m going to get you something decent to drain just as soon as the sun sets,” Dean sat down next to his brother, longing to touch him but knowing he couldn’t.
“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you killed the vampire girl and didn’t tell me.” Sam looked harshly at him, “Why’d you do it?”
“What kind of a question is that, Sammy?” Dean shook his head and pushed himself to his feet, “Why the hell do you think I killed her?”
“Did she threaten you?”  Sam supplied.
“Not exactly,” Dean shrugged.
“Then why did you? Surely you’d realize that it wouldn’t come without consequences?” Sam frowned.
“I was staring at the bitch that turned my brother into something he’d himself then be. I couldn’t let her just walk away, Sammy. Not when that image of you holding the stake to your heart was burned into my brain. She deserved it. No one hurts my baby brother. NO ONE.” He growled defiantly.
Sam nodded understandingly, but there was a sadness that shone through his puppy dog expression, “Just promise to tell me about something like this next time, ok?”
Dean ran a hand over his lips in agitation, “Yeah, ok.” He agreed, “You stay here.”
“Where are you going?” Sam asked quickly. Panic tingeing his voice.
Dean frowned at his brother, “To find stuff.”
“Stuff for what?” Sam rolled a shoulder in a childish display.
“…A bed and a fire.” His brother stated matter-of-factly.
Sam gave in and his composure softened, “Dean, just stay with me. Please?”
“We need-” Dean pointed over his shoulder trying to indicate that he’d only be gone for a moment.
“I need you right now, not a bed or a fire. Just…come sit with me. Please?” When Dean made no movement towards him Sam ran a shaking hand through his hair and begged, “Please, Dean…just…please.” He hung his head as the tears began to surface, “Oh God!”
“Hey, hey, hey. Shh.” Dean dropped to his knees in front of his weeping brother, cupping the younger boy’s face.
“I didn’t know if you were dead…I didn’t know if…God, Dean. I was so scared…and then I woke up…and you weren’t there…and I was burning…my whole body was burning…” Sam sobbed.
“It’s ok, I’m here now. And I’ll take care of you. I’m not going anywhere.” He swore. Sam fell against his brother, wrapping his arms tightly around the older man as if clinging on for life, “I will take care of you.” Dean repeated.
31st-Aug-2008 02:19 pm - "I Will Take Care of You" 11

Title: I Will Take Care of You
Author: Kida
Verse: Were wolf!Dean/Vampire!Sam
Pairings: Wincest
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AUish
Disclaimer: not mine.  
Summary: The werewolf comes looking for his mate.

Feedback: YES PLEASE

Chapter 10Collapse )
Dean transformed from wolf to man whilst continuing walking and dragging their meal behind him, “No it’s the frigging tooth fairy,” Dean snorted in response, “Come inside.”
Sam slipped around the corner and slinked his way over to Dean, “You get us something?” he grinned predatorily.
“Of course, Sammy. I’m not about to let you go hungry.” He smirked a hello and tilted his head up to peck a kiss on Sam’s supple lips. Sam admired his brother’s hunt and stood behind him, winding his arms around his brother’s waist.
“Missed you,” Sam purred, low in his ear.
“I wasn’t even gone that long.” Dean chuckled as Sam nuzzled his neck and inhaled. It was still all Dean.
“You were gone almost 3 hours actually,” Sam corrected him.
“What can I say? We must be making the streets a safer place. It’s becoming harder to find a decent villain lately.”
“Eat Dean,” Sam whispered, “I’m famished” his heavy pink tongue licked a slow suggestive line around the shell of his brother’s ear.
Dean smirked, “If you insist.”  
He wanted to watch Dean tear the victim to shreds with his bare hands. Those strong masculine hands that would later, if Sam got his way, be on Sam’s hips pulling them closer together. He wanted to watch Dean’s mouth devour that flesh, the same mouth that would later be sprinkling kisses all over Sam’s skin.
He stood back as Dean fed, trying to be patient. After barely two minutes though, he growled in frustration, “Now” he snarled, grabbing Dean’s arm and hauling him away from the food source. Dean gave him an annoyed confused look while Sam pulled him over to the bed and shoved him onto it; Dean’s mouth was still drooling blood. It pooled over that full lower lip and cascaded over his sharp jaw and the hollows of Dean’s neck; like the most beautiful waterfall Sam had ever seen. He eagerly bent down and licked a few hurried rough stripes up his older brother’s neck, sucking at dean’s bloodied jaw line before thrusting his tongue into Dean’s over flowing mouth. He licked and sucked as much blood off Dean’s tongue as he could.
Sam somehow stripped and Dean tensed for the long torturous seconds before he felt his member engulfed in Sam’s heat. He gasped in pleasure and surprise, “Oh god” he groaned.
“This is the best feeling in the whole world; you inside of me,” Sam confessed as he settled to the hilt, He began to slowly move up and down the shaft. Sam licked at Dean’s neck and gave him a questioning look.
Dean nodded once, knowing what Sam was asking for, before clenching his eyes shut and throwing his head back in a silent moan and Sam pushed all the way down again at the same time as he sank his teeth into Dean’s neck. He always asked first. He never just took; feeding off Dean.
Sam sucked hungrily on the wound he made at the nape of his brother’s neck, where his pulse was strongest, riding Dean to a quick climax.
Dean looked at the time on his phone; it was 1pm. Too frigging early to be awake. He rolled over and came nose to nose with his baby brother’s sleeping face. Dean pulled up, resting his cheek on a fist. He sighed deeply; Sam looked beautiful as ever. He always seemed so peaceful and innocent in his sleep. It was amazing to think this same face grew fangs that devoured people’s life source. Dean couldn’t help finding Sam’s new darker personality sexy. He especially liked his brother’s new habit of feed then sex, which turned into sex and feed. It brought a smile to the elder man’s face when Sam looked so excited to see Dean returning from a hunt, towing some bloodied and concussed victim.  And after Dean had fed, Sam would be all over him licking every last drop of blood of brother’s bare form.
Dean raised a gentle hand and began stroking Sam’s chestnut locks. His Sam, his baby brother, his Sammy. All his, all HIS, and suddenly a burning urge consumed him; he didn’t think he could wait till the next feed to have Sam again, ALL HIS HIS HIS! A primal possessive noise growled up his throat. Sam woke up abruptly and disorientated, looking around the room, “Dean? Is everything ok?”
“Shh” Dean calmed him, kneeing his way between Sam’s mile long limbs, “I’m just feeling a little friendly.” One hand came up to knead at a plump bare cheek, just where it joined to the leg.
“Deeean, no” Sam whined, “It’s got to be the middle of the day.” Dean continued to grind against his brother’s frame, “Knock it off,” Dean pulled out the silver knife he kept under his pillow, “I’m going back to sleep” The elder man made a small slice on his shoulder and waited for his vampire brother’s instincts to kick in, “No fair” came the hungry growl. Dean shoved at Sam’s chest to roll them, he leaned over, dripping his bleeding shoulder directly over Sam’s mouth. The younger man moaned as the hand that was kneading his butt wiggled it’s way between his cheeks to play at his entrance. Sam began to pant at the overload of sensations, Dean lowered himself to make his shoulder more accessible, fingers were replaced by a blunt pressure. It was pushing into Sam and the vampire’s fangs were out and sinking into his brother’s flesh before he even knew what was happening.
Dean moaned from the feel of sinking into Sam and having Sam’s teeth sink into him. He set a slow rocking pace as Sam drew back to lick and suck at the fresh wound. “Ngh, that’s it baby. Lick it up.” He encouraged his brother as he re-angled his thrusts.
“Ugh, Dean!” Sam whimpered as his brother hit his prostate dead on target, the elder man lifted a smooth long leg up almost over his other shoulder and kissed the soft skin inside his brother’s thigh before wrapping it around his hip . The blood and the pleasure were all too much, Sam began to pant rapidly and Dean took that as his cue to quicken the pace. Sam tightened the curled leg at the base of Dean’s back to pull Dean further in, till he felt the other man flush against him. He began to grind ruthlessly until his climax exploded between the two clashing abdomens. He clenched around the rigid flesh moving inside and Dean came to an abrupt climax of his own with a hitched grunt. The elder man pressed closer to feel his brother’s post orgasmic shudders run through his body and the younger’s legs clench and unclench around his lower back and leg.
“You’re mean.” Sam murmured, voice barely a hoarse whisper, to which Dean only chuckled in reply.
“Didn’t hear you complaining,” Dean nuzzled the side of his brother’s face with his own. With a sigh he lifted off his brother, slowly pulling out between Sam’s limp legs- which found new life as they tightened their hold around Dean, “Don’t. Not yet.” Sam asked softly.
Dean raised a brow, “You planning on a round two?”
“No,” Sam replied quietly, “I just…I don’t want to feel empty.”
Dean couldn’t help the endearing chuckle that bubbled up and out of him, “Aww, Sammy.” Was all he could say, a few teasing comments came to mind, but he didn’t have the heart to say them to the puppy eyes looking up at him. He held Sam’s hips as he pulled himself up onto his knees to curl around the younger boy, relishing the warm legs bent at his sides and leaning over to rest his head on the pillow next to his brother, “This better?”
“Mmm,” Sam smiled sleepily, “Feels nice.” He yawned.
“I may as well get an early start hunting” Dean thought out loud.
“Not yet, don’t go yet.” Sam sulked.
“It’s ok, I won’t leave for another few hours.” Dean reassured him, “Go back to sleep.”
Sam snorted a laugh, “Now he lets me go back to sleep.”
Dean retorted by nipping at Sam’s nose and bottom lip playfully, “Sleep baby boy.” Sam yawned again and snuggled his head underneath Dean’s chin. When Dean was absolutely sure Sam was completely asleep, he gently pulled out. Sam whimpered in his sleep and reached out at air, Dean met Sam’s hand mid-air with his own, intertwining their fingers and setting their locked hands over Sam’s heart.
Sam was surprised that he was the first to wake. It was 9pm and Dean was still out. Sam frowned and looked closely at his brother; he was a little pale, like Sam had been when he was starving to a literal death. Sam had fed off him twice in a short period of time. He became worried he was draining Dean too much.
Sam bent over and placed a small kiss to Dean’s cheek, “I think it’s my turn to bring home dinner tonight.” Sam decided more to himself then to his sleeping brother. He looked around for a scrap of paper and something to write with.
Dean awoke to a cold bed around 11.30ish, “Sammy?” he murmured weakly. His stomach grumbled loudly, he needed some food pretty soon. Their midday romp had taken more out of him then he cared to divulge to his brother. He arched his neck and mid stretch, he noticed a note laying on the bedside table.
Gone to get us something to eat.
Love you,
Sammy xxx
Dean didn’t know whether to smile or frown. He didn’t like the idea of Sam out there on his own. Alone on his first hunt. He bent to get up and the blood (what was left in his system) rushed to his head. “Whoah” he tried to catch his balance and ended up falling back onto the mattress. His body was coming out of it’s slumber numbness and was feeling positively exhausted. Maybe it was the extra feed he had offered Sam. Dean frowned. Maybe another hour of sleep and he’d go out and find Sam when he felt a little more rested.
Sam had found a nice plump pervert who had been watching a girl change in her apartment. It was relatively easy. Sam thought he’d have a huge internal battle, but when he saw the sleazebag staring through his binoculars and a hand down his pants, Sam lunged instinctively. People could be monsters too.
Just a quick whack to the back of his neck to knock him out and Sam hauled their dinner over his shoulder. This wasn’t so bad, he smiled to himself.
Sam was nearing the cabin when the man began to stir and started freaking out. Sam dropped him to the ground and snarled as his fangs protruded his gums. The man looked so pathetic and helpless and Sam had to push himself to remember why he had chosen this guy. He was bad. It was ok to bleed him dry.  Before he backed out of it, Sam’s fangs were in his neck draining him within minutes.
Sam continued to drag the lifeless lump toward the cabin, “Dean, come and get it.”
Dean breathed in deep as the delicious smell of Sam and fresh death filled his senses. His body still felt exhausted, but it was nothing that a big hearty feed wouldn’t fix. If he could just find the energy to get up that is.
“Bring it on in, baby. I’m thinking breakfast in bed.” He called out, not being able to admit his weaken state to his baby brother. He sniffed at the air and panic flooded him, their was a new scent and he immediately knew he hadn’t the strength to deal with the threat.
Sam had to laugh at Dean’s comment.
“Where’s Vera?” An angry voice growled.
“What?” Sam turned around to face the werewolf that had turned his brother, “You? What do you want?”
“I want Vera, where is she?” the man demanded.
“Vera? The vampire girl?” Sam tried to clarify.
He sniffed the air, “Her scent…her blood…this is the freshest scent I can get on her.”
“Well you might want to keep looking.” Sam frowned, “Coz she came to see me over a week ago and she left 10 minutes later.”
“She wouldn’t leave without telling me where she’s going. This is the last place she was and she didn’t return from here.”
“I can’t help you, but she’s not here anymore.” Sam replied stubbornly, “Now if you’re quite finished ruining my brother’s and my life, I’ll ask you to leave.”
“If you killed her, you’ll pay.” The werewolf promised.
“I didn’t touch her.” Sam said impatiently.
The werewolf stalked off and Sam rolled his eyes, as he continued to drag his body to the door.
“Vera!” The were wolf’s voice screamed, “Her necklace…” Sam turned around and found the other man crouching over the steadily growing pile of bones, “I gave her this locket.” He said slowly. His form began to tremble as he began to grow and transform. Sam’s eyes widened and he became a little nervous.
“Listen, I don’t know how that got there, but I swear-” but he was cut off the ferocious howl, “Not good.” He whimpered, “DEEAAN! I think I need a hand! DEAN!” Sam called out. Dean was holding onto the door frame and groaning. “Dean, what’s wrong?” Sam moved towards his brother but was swept up and thrown through the air by a large paw. Sam fell unconscious on the ground.
“SAMMY!” Dean screamed, “Leave him alone. It was me, alright? I killed the bitch!” he bellowed at creature.
The beast’s head snapped in his direction, its claw ripped through the flesh of Dean’s chest and he screamed as the white hot pain shredded through him.
The beast shrank back into his human form only long enough to say, “You hurt my baby, I’ll hurt yours.” He vowed, before he grew again hauling an unconscious Sam in tow. Leaving Dean to bleed or starve to death, which ever came first.
30th-Aug-2008 08:30 pm - "I Will Take Care of You" 10
Title: I Will Take Care of You
Author: Kida
Verse: Were wolf!Dean/Vampire!Sam
Pairings: Wincest
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AUish
Disclaimer: not mine.  
Summary: Ok, so Dean may have been slightly presumptuous to think Sam had given in and things would be a piece of cake from here on in.
(note to readers- I know this is totally illogical and prolli wouldn’t actually work coz the blood would go straight to Dean’s stomach where it wouldn’t do either of them any good. But it all goes back to Dean being an awesome big brother to Sammy. And don’t give me to much shit about it because I promise it will lead to sex so you can’t be too mad at my nonsense plot lol)

Feedback: YES PLEASE

Chapter 10Collapse )
Dean let out a beckoning call before bounding into the cabin on all fours. He padded playfully up to and began licking his brother’s face in an affectionate hello. Sam had been folding the newly ironed clothes and Dean’s entrance had sprawled and crumpled jeans and shirts all over the room. “Deeean” Sam whined, I spent all evening-” Dean reared on his back legs and pushed Sam to the ground with his front paws, “Ow Dean, gentle!” Sam scolded as Dean continued to nuzzle and lick his floored brother. Sam finally erupted with laughter when Dean targeted a ticklish spot along his side with a gentle paw, “Ok, ok…you win.” He surrendered with grin, “What’s got you in such a good mood?” he asked as his wolf brother gave him room to get up. Dean tugged on Sam’s pants with his teeth and trotted toward the door. “Since when do you walk on all fours?” Sam asked bemused patting Dean’s head and giving him a quick scratch behind his ears, “Guess we’ll never need a pet.” Sam teased and Dean nipped playfully at his hand in retaliation. He pulled at Sam’s pant leg again to hurry him up. “One sec, just let me pick up the mess you made.” His brother laughed. Dean blew out an exuberant breath. Sam bent over to pick a pair of jeans up and Dean’s head was between the open legs in a heartbeat, Sam regaining balance in a sitting position on his back. “Dean, what are you thinking? I’m not going to ride you like a horse. Let me o-whoah!” Dean took off with Sam clinging to his back. Dean bounded out the door and through the woods, coming to a halt at the tree he had leaned the victim against. Sam gasped in shock and slid off Dean’s back.
Ok, so Dean may have been slightly presumptuous to think Sam had given in and things would be a piece of cake from here on in.
“I’m not doing it again.” Sam informed his brother adamantly
Dean was back in human form, arms folded across his chest and looking sternly at his younger sibling before the other could blink, “And just why the hell not?”
“Dean,” Sam exclaimed as though it were obvious just why the hell not, “I turned into a rabid beast last night! I…I...BIT you!” his eyes softened and drooped, “I…I could have…” his voice broke and he shook his head as if he were trying to shake the awful thought from his head.
Dean sighed, and cupped Sam’s face, “Could of what?” he asked softly.
“I could have killed you, Dean.” The younger Winchester’s voice was raw with anguish.
“That wouldn’t happen, Sammy.” His brother reassured him.
“How do you know? How could you possibly know?” Sam screamed, “Ever since I was bitten, I’ve been hearing your heart beat pound in my ears, I can hear the blood gushing through your veins. It’s like a song beckoning me to eat tear into your chest and eat you alive.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Dean asked, only slightly backing off.
Sam’s eyes filled with tears and his breath hitched, “How do you tell your brother that every muscle in your body’s aching to kill him?”
Dean couldn’t deal with this now. They’d eat first and then he’d figure something out. “We’ll get through this, Sam. But you need to eat.”
“I’m not taking anybody else’s life, Dean.” Sam said stubbornly.
“It’s ok, you just go back to the cabin and I’ll dish it up.” His brother replied calmly.
“Dish it up? Like a bucket of fried chicken? You can’t be serious!”
“Deadly serious.” Dean’s tone dropped an octave, “Go back to the cabin, Sam.”
Sam swallowed and decided not to test his brother’s patience.
 “I can’t kill any body else, Dean. I won’t.” Sam repeated, sulking on the bed, when his brother returned holding up the flask.
“You don’t have to.” Dean brought the flask to his lips and drank until he’d drunk so much that he felt would quench Sam’s thirst.
He crawled up onto the bed and cradled Sam, supporting the back of his head, like he used to when Sam was a baby and Dean was feeding him his bottle.
“Feed off me,” Dean instructed softly. Sam’s eyes widened and he shook his head, “You won’t kill me Sam, it’s ok. But you will die if you don’t drink.” Sam cringed and he knew what Dean was saying was true, “Please Sammy.”
Sam hesitantly leaned closer and bit Dean’s sensitive skin around his nipple so hard it began to ooze blood. Sam’s greedy lips latched on and he began sucking as though Dean were breast feeding him. Dean, as always, let Sam take what he needed.
When Sam felt replenished, he released Dean’s nipple and placed a small kiss on it as if apologizing for the nasty welting mark he had caused. Dean felt a little drained and hoped it didn’t show too badly. He wasn’t sure if he could do that every time Sam needed to feed.
“Are you ok?” Sam asked, noting Dean’s pale color.
“I’m fine, Sammy.” Dean brushed it off. It was something he had had to do for his baby brother, “How are you? Feeling better?”
“Much” Sam admitted, “Dean…thank you…for doing that for me.”
“What are big brothers for” Dean shrugged, “Besides…I can’t loose you.” he said with an honesty and depth it left Sam speechless. Sam looked up at his elder brother and was amazed at the intensity burning in the green eyes.
“I love you, Dean. So much. I can’t loose you either.” Dean replied to that by cupping Sam’s face and sweeping in for a soft kiss that quickly became deeper. Dean rolled his younger brother under him and began to grind his hips against Sam’s. Sam keened and began rolling his hips up to meet his brother’s actions. Dean reached down between their bodies and began unbuttoning his jeans, which caused Sam to visibly cringe.
“Sammy, look at me,” Dean encouraged softly, “I’m not gonna hurt you, and you’re not gonna hurt me, ok? I’ll be gentle and I know you won’t kill me.”
He waited until Sammy nodded before diving back in for another bruising kiss.
Not two minutes later, Dean was curled around Sam, cherishing him. Sam pulled the back of Dean’s thighs forward, feeling him plunge deeper inside.
Dean’s head dropped to the pillow, above Sam’s shoulder, pulse throbbing next to his brother’s cheek, who suddenly became very aware of it.
Sam’s fangs slid down, scraping against Dean’s neck but not breaking the skin.
“Off!” Sam yelled suddenly thrashing and pushing at Dean, “Quick, off now!” it was more begging then anything else.
Dean stilled his motions “Am I hurting you?” he asked calmly.
“No…I’m going to hurt you” Sam half sobbed.
Dean stretched and bared his neck, “You won’t, Sammy.” He reassured his baby brother, “Do it.”
“No” Sam moaned as a burning hunger rose in his belly, threatening to take over his will power.
“You need it, I’ll be ok.” And with that, Dean re-angled himself and began moving hitting Sam’s prostate dead on as intended. Sam groaned loudly in pleasure before his fangs instinctively pierced the offered skin.
To Dean’s surprise, the bite didn’t hurt at all, in fact the exact opposite. It sent shivers of pleasure all the way his spine and straight to his already swelled cock, “Oh God Sammy! Feels good” Dean panted out.
A little comforted in the fact that he wasn’t hurting his brother, Sam began sucking on the wound, feeding as Dean moaned and his actions becoming a little more frantic and urgent, “Don’t stop, baby. Ugh!” he grounded out, climaxing from the build of sensations.
Sam’s fangs instinctively subtracted back into his gums and Dean collapsed heavily on top of his baby brother, “Ok…I am seriously thinking this is a re-doable option” Dean closed his eyes as his head spun with the post orgasm.
“You weren’t just saying that then?” Sam smiled shyly, “It really felt good?”
“Are you kidding me? That was frigging ecstasy!” He stretched out next to Sam and dragged his younger brother closer, “And it’s the easiest way to get you to eat.” He murmured with a smirk pushed against Sam’s cheek in what would have been a kiss if he had not chosen to add the little bit extra.
Sam frowned a little and sighed, “I’m sorry I’ve been so difficult” he whispered, “I just…I don’t like to think about it; what we need to do to survive. I guess I was hoping for some miracle cure before it came to this.”
“And I’m sorry I couldn’t give you one” it was the truth.
“You haven’t let me down Dean, so don’t go thinking that,” Sam locked his eyes on Dean’s. He needed to make Dean believe him, “I mean you’re good. You’ve achieved some amazing feats. And you’re the best big brother in the entire world…but even you can’t do the impossible. And I don’t expect it of you. As stubborn as I am.”
“Yeah…” Dean swallowed, “But I promised-”
“You promised you will take care of me. And you have Dean, I know you always will. But you never promised to turn us back to normal. There’s a very good chance we can’t become human again.” Sam said, knowing he was admitting defeat, “But that’s not your fault. I don’t blame you for any of this and I definitely won’t put it on your head if we never find a way to turn back.” He sighed and leaned his forehead against Dean’s, “I love you…so much. I can think of things a lot worse then being with you for an eternity.”
“You mean that?” Dean asked softly, searching Sam’s eyes.
“There are things I don’t like. But the most important thing is…we’re in this together. And I’m going to start acting like your partner and not a needy baby.” He said in determination.
“But you are my baby” Dean chuckled softly, “No matter what, I will take care of you.” he vowed.
“I know” Sam smiled, “And I’m gonna do all I can to take care of you too.”
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